"We value our partnership with schools across America. MCJROTC is at its essence a Leadership Education Program meant solely to develop character and citizenship. Although a comprehensive learning environment anchored in a military structure is not for all students, there is a body of defendable academic knowledge that clearly articulates the significant benefit to those that choose to participate. Our curriculum was the first to be nationally accredited under CITA/SACS and is directly linked to National Standards. Responding to local challenges, MCJROTC Programs can be implemented in any one of several configurations to include a traditional model, cluster, school within a school, and stand alone academy. In an environment of fiscal challenges, many School Districts find a cooperative relationship attractive allowing them to provide curricular options at a significantly lower cost. Please feel free to contact us to discuss possible partnerships."​


"There are challenges ahead and decisions to make. There are easy paths and challenging paths. The easy one is not always the best choice. Often young adults receive conflicting messages about right and wrong, good and bad. Joining and participating in MCJROTC can help you make the best decisions based upon learning and practicing core values and the development of character and personal responsibility. MCJROTC is not the easiest path and it is not for everyone. Yet for those who have chosen to participate it is an experience that has helped tens of thousands of young adults make the right decisions during their high school experience. Try it."​

Since its inception in 1916, the JROTC program has been viewed as a strong program that provides youth with much-needed skills in citizenship and leadership. Additionally, numerous studies have shown that students who participate in JROTC programs have better attendance, grades, and graduation rates relative to students who were in general academic programs. Principals and school administrators also maintain positive attitudes toward JROTC because these programs:

• Motivate students to learn.

• Foster a disciplined and constructive learning environment. 

 Instill essential skills like time organization, responsibility, goal setting, and teamwork.​

"The effects of the Marine Corps JROTC program reach far beyond the classroom and into the community in developing character, leadership, and civic responsibility in tens of thousands of America's kids. Marine Corps JROTC at its essence is a character education program. The program keeps kids in school, helps them find their way during the turbulent teenage years, and assists them in becoming productive members of their community. Our program produces young men and women who are ready to accept the responsibilities as well as the privileges of citizenship. We are rightfully proud of our contribution to America's future and thankful for the dedicated instructors, staff, school administrators, and communities whose hard work and commitment make the program's success possible."​

By understanding the Marine Corps core values of Honor, Courage, and Commitment, you will understand how these ideals help MCJROTC cadets become better citizens.

Honor is the quality that guides Marines to exemplify ethical and moral behavior.

Courage is a mental quality that recognizes fear of danger or criticism, but enables a leader to proceed in the face of it with calmness and firmness. It is a quality of mind that gives leaders control over fear, enabling them to accept responsibility and to act properly in a threatening situation.

Commitment means the dedication to carry out all unit tasks and to serve the values of the country, the MCJROTC, and the unit. Commitment leads to the highest discipline for your unit and yourself.

In addition to these ideals, your values must also be applied to other areas. These might be ideas such as punctuality, truthfulness, and fidelity. You must also value the outer signs of these ideals, such as having good personal hygiene and a spotless uniform. Last, but by no means least important, you must apply your values to friends, family, and fellow cadets.​

Image of Marine Corps Uniform