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Marine Corps Junior ROTC


Marine Corps Junior ROTC

Training and Education Command

DoDI 1205.13 6 Feb 2006JROTC Program Instructions98.55 KBDownload
Instructor Application Document UnknownDownload
Marine Corps JROTC Accreditation Press Release 104.20 KBDownload
Marine Corps JROTC Cadet HandbookOfficial handbook for JROTC cadets162.06 KBDownload
Marine Corps JROTC Instructor Application"Complete application form and instructions for Marine Corps JROTC instructor candidates *Application revised July 2015, previous editions will not be accepted.*"2.01 MBDownload
Marine Corps JROTC Instructor Personal Appearance and Grooming Standards 543.63 KBDownload
Marine Corps JROTC Memo May 2017Cadet Uniform Changes May 201759.12 KBDownload
Marine Corps JROTC Program of Instruction (POI)Program of Instruction for Marine Corps JROTC Leadership Education (LE) courses501.81 KBDownload
MCJROTC Instructor Evaluation 296.02 KBDownload
MCJROTC Instructor Pay Increase 2017MCJROTC Instructor Pay Increase 201759.73 KBDownload
MCJROTC Instructor Rebuttal  353.51 KBDownload
MCJROTC PL 01-14SMI and MI Physical Performance Requirements (2)118.38 KBDownload
MCJROTC PL 01-15Local Business Rules for Defense Travel System (DTS)55.72 KBDownload
MCJROTC PL 02-14SMI and MI Cert, ReCert, DeCert47.90 KBDownload
MCJROTC PL 02-15MCJROTC Instructor Certification and Recertification49.08 KBDownload
MCJROTC PL 03-15MCJROTC Religious Cultural Accommodation53.75 KBDownload
MCJROTC PL 04-15 MIMinimum Gen Tech (T) Score on ASVAB37.92 KBDownload
MCJROTC PL 05-15MCJROTC Body Composition and Military Appearance Standards(MCJROTCBCMAP)1.21 MBDownload
MCJROTC PL 06-16Property Custodian Requirement46.54 KBDownload
MCJROTC PL 07-15Leadership Core Instructor and Testing216.26 KBDownload
MCJROTC PL 07-16Public Funds42.41 KBDownload
MCJROTC PL 08-16Retrograde of Pneumatic Air Rifles60.07 KBDownload
MCJROTC PL 10-15Marksmanship waiver policy90.50 KBDownload
MCJROTC PL 11-15Training and Objectives Of Future Cadet and Senior Cadet Camps113.27 KBDownload
MCJROTC PL 1-17Annual Cadet Activity Report61.25 KBDownload
MCJROTC PL 2-17PSB Processes and Procedures5.08 MBDownload
MCJROTC PL 9-16 Color Guard and Drill Team Guidance171.98 KBDownload
MCO 1020.34HMarine Corps Uniform Regulations8.21 MBDownload
MCO 10520.3Flag Manual12.16 MBDownload
MCO P1533.6E signedMarine Corps Order P1533.6E (SOP)1.02 MBDownload
MCO P5060.20 W CH 1Drill Manual 200315.53 MBDownload
SECNAV M-5216.5 June 2015DON - Correspondence Manual1.43 MBDownload