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Senior Marine Instructor (SMI)
The SMI manages the entire program. Although they spend much of their time in the classroom, enrollment activities are a fundamental part of the job. This involves: briefings to school administrators, faculty, and community organizations to explain the program and elicit support, counseling of cadets and other students, and briefings to students from supporting junior high schools. The SMI must be involved in: community relations, liaison with other Marine Corps and civilian agencies, unit supply or administrative functions, career and performance counseling, and an extensive extracurricular program, such as a military ball, co-curricular competition, Cadet newspaper, drill team, color guard, parades, flag raising, retreat ceremonies, presentation of awards, fund raising activities for the unit or charitable institutions.  As classroom teachers, they will typically be required to teach five out of six/seven periods of a traditional school day. The teaching load may be less. They wear their Marine Corps Uniforms while performing MCJROTC duties. The job of the SMI is not as structured as most Marine Corps jobs. Although the Marine Corps provides some guidance for managing the program, self-direction, initiative, and self-reliance are essential traits of the SMI. Only Officers who desire this flexibility in their work should apply.

Marine Instructor (MI)
The MI works for the SMI. In most units, they are responsible for the Leadership Education portion of the curriculum. This includes drill and ceremonies, principles of leadership and management, and communication skills. They assist the SMI in teaching, particularly those areas where they have special competence because of their experience and training. They may give or grade tests, give career and performance counseling, and supervise Cadet activities. They are also involved in the enrollment and co-curricular activities.  They wear their Marine Corps Uniforms while performing MCJROTC duties. The instructors, although not on active duty, are still working in and managing a military-type unit. The same NCO-Officer, subordinate-supervisor relationship which existed on active duty must be maintained in the MCJROTC unit. Only those Staff Non Commissioned Officers who can support the objectives of MCJROTC and give their full loyalty, support, and cooperation to the SMI in achieving goals should apply.