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How Are Instructor Salaries Determined?


Minimum Salary. Personnel employed shall receive a salary at least equal to the difference between their retired pay and the active duty pay and allowances, excluding incentive pay, which they would receive if ordered to active duty. The institution is the employing agency and shall pay the full salary due to the individual employed. The amount reimbursed to the school is one-half of the minimum salary for each instructor.


Minimum Salary Changes. The minimum salary for instructors normally changes at least two times per year. The adjustments are based on changes in active duty pay and allowances, retired Consumer Price Index adjustments, and when the Basic Allowance Housing (BAH) for a geographic area is adjusted. In any case, MCJROTC HQTRS will provide schools and individual instructors with written notification of changes as they occur. The school notification will be routed via the SMI.


Method of Salary Reimbursement Computation. The reimbursement computation shall be based on a 30-day month. When employment begins or ends during the month, pay entitlement will be 1/30 of the minimum monthly salary for each day of employment. For example: An instructor hired on the 10th day of any month, including February, shall be paid for 21 days (30 days less 9 days not employed = 21). The computation for a minimum monthly salary of $2,557.52 would be: $2,557.52 divided by 30 = $85.25 x 21 = $1,790.25 (minimum to be paid by school). Reimbursement by the Marine Corps to the school would be $1,790.25 divided by 2 = $895.13. The Marine Corps is prohibited from reimbursing the school for personnel still on active duty, i.e., terminal leave.


Relocation Costs. If relocation is necessary to secure employment, it is the responsibility of selected instructors to relocate at their own expense to the area where they are hired. The Marine Corps interposes no objection if the school provides reimbursement for all or part of these expenses. This subject should be discussed during the employment interview.


Benefits. Instructors in the MCJROTC program normally receive the same fringe benefits (health insurance, retirement plan, sick leave, vacation, holiday, etc.) afforded other teachers in the local school district. It is highly recommended, however, that such benefits be thoroughly discussed in the employment interview.


Employment Notification. Upon employment by a host school, instructors must advise the MCJROTC HQTRS program manager via the area manager immediately of such employment to expedite instructor manning administration and correct pay computations.


Additional Duties. The primary academic duty of the SMI and MI employed by an institution with an MCJROTC unit shall be that of instruction and administration of the MCJROTC program. Compensation for duties assigned by the institution, other than MCJROTC duties, shall be resolved by the MCJROTC instructor and the local institution officials on a separate contractual basis, must not interfere with proper administration of the MCJROTC program, and may not be performed during normal school hours.


(X) Basic Pay

+ (U)  Basic Allowance for Subsistence

+ (W) Basic Allowance for Housing

+ (D)  Clothing Replacement Allowance

+ (Z)   Cost of Living Allowance


(G) Gross Active Duty Pay (X) + (U) + (W) + (D) + (Z) = (G)


 (R) Less (estimated) Retired Pay   Equals . . . . .


(M) Minimum Instructor Pay (MIP) (G) - (R) = (M)